Recipe for creating this server.

Updated 9/7/2006.

(Didn't:) Installing nusoap so students can get web services for CPTE 212 (Didn't do this in F05 - saving for Web Services class):

Note: To set up ssl certificate:

Note 11/21/2004: vs_ftpd was not set up properly for chroot. By setting chroot_local_user=YES, I forced chroot for everyone, and put the teachers into vsftpd.chroot_list. Hopefully that will work.

During the conversion, I also worked over the "execute.php" program and the do-pass program to comply with PHP4's attitude about POST variables and deal with updated parameters needed for the PHP interface to IMAP.

(NO! Manually edit /home/hw/users!) Also replaced the mgt/users.php script with one that uses a fake array in HTML, so it can handle any (reasonable) number of users.

Still need to do a complete document of where everything in this server is. Best advice for a migrator: Have the old one online while you get the new one going.

Need to set up security for phpmyadmin, which at the moment is open. But no biggie: It is not used for operations of the server; only supporting student projects. (Setting a root password works.)

Notes 10/25/2006:

I've set up a backup procedure in /root that backs up the whole thing to CD, and leaves an ISO that can be downloaded. Works slick.

When setting up JOUR242, don't forget to give her a simple index file so she can easily get to her users